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Diamond Floor Polishing Pads > Metal Floor Polishing Pads

Diamond Metal Floor Polishing Pads

  • Item No:AS-FPM46
  • Packing:Box
  • Min. Order:10 pcs
  • Trademark:ASTAR or OEM
  • Payment terms:T/T,Western Union,Paypal, Alibaba Pay
  • Product Description

    Our metal bond floor pads are specially designed for grinding, polishing concrete,  granite, marble, limestone,travertine and terrazzo,and have an advantage over other manufacturers‘ similar products in current market. The special features are as follows: 

    1. Diamond segment is hot-pressed and professionally welded on the plate to make sure the density of segment is reasonable and help to extend the life of the disc. 

    2. The height of diamond segment is highter than other general metal bond discs in the market.Higher segments would make the disc not easy to work out. 

    FPM46 Diamond Metal Floor Polishing Pads.png